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Let’s begin with the fundamentals: what exactly is plagiarism, really?

September 5, 2019 admin 0

Let’s begin with the fundamentals: what exactly is plagiarism, really?

You might be surprised in what really counts within the overall plagiarism definition. For example, did you ever hear of incremental plagiarism? Also called “patchwork,” incremental plagiarism is really what takes place when you take bits and pieces from multiple sources, without citing, and pass it well as the own work. This is common with specific turns of phrase or ideas, however it’s also what can happen in the event that you aren’t careful with citing all sources. A free plagiarism checker — or a subscription-based one — can help catch these issues before they arrive at your teacher’s desk. What you need to do is tell the scheduled program“check paper for plagiarism”, and voila: peace of mind.

When we define plagiarism, we’re referring to a wide variety of issues — and a free plagiarism checker will catch a lot of them. Plagiarism can indicate deliberately copying from another source, whether or not it’s a book, an academic paper, or the work of a classmate or previous student. Using services which do work with behalf of a learning student, then put the student’s name on it, also falls into this category. As described above, deliberate incremental plagiarism — usually plagiarizing multiple sources and combining them to prevent detection — can also be a major problem.

The aforementioned examples are probably the answers that are first come to mind in reaction to your question “what is plagiarism?”, but there’s actually a lot more to it than that. A lot of us wouldn’t intentionally plagiarize, but there are lots of instances for which you might achieve this without even realizing which you’ve done something wrong!

By way of example, forgetting to cite a quoted source might bring about the quoted passage tripping the algorithms as soon as your teacher runs it through a free plagiarism checker that is online. (more…)